What is MiFi? And what are its functions and uses?

MiFiMiFi or commonly called a MiFi modem is an abbreviation of my wifi or it can also be called mini wifi. If you usually see wifi with a router hanging on the wall in your office or home. This time you will find out that there is a wifi router that is portable and can be carried anywhere and is also equipped with a battery. So the system of use is the same as the use of mobile phones.

If you already know what MiFi is, you also need to know what is the function of this one object.

MiFi As a network intermediary

One of the main functions of MiFi is as a network intermediary. This MiFi can transmit internet networks to various devices such as smartphones. Laptops, tablets, or computers in large numbers are the maximum capabilities of the MiFi. So with 1 MiFi, you can use it on all your devices.

You no longer need to distinguish the internet network for your computer, tablet, or computer. And of course, you can take this product anywhere. If at some point you want to surf the internet somewhere else, you can still use your MiFi.

Checking the package status from the provider

You certainly already know that the use of MiFi also uses 1 provider card. There is MiFi which can only be used for 1 type of card provider, you are also MiFi which can accommodate any card provider. In essence, you must have the provider card so that you can use this MiFi.

That way, MiFi is also equipped with a function that can see the status of the provider card data package that we are using. In other words, this MiFi can check how much internet quota you are using and also how much is left. So you can prepare a package that can or can save if you see your usage is wasteful.

Send and receive messages

Because there is a provider card, some MiFi is also equipped with the ability to receive messages (SMS). The trick is to connect the modem to a device such as a computer or a computer first. This SMS can be in the form of a notification from the provider card. With this notification, you can find out the active period of the card you are using on the WiFi modem. Or it could be a notification of the remaining quota remaining and reminding you to reload. This will certainly help you when using the MiFi.

Change the MiFi connection name and password

Apart from what has been mentioned, MiFi is also equipped with a function to change the WiFi name and password. Not infrequently passwords are often cracked or have been widespread. Sometimes we do not know which devices are already connected to the MiFi. One of the actions you can take is to change the password of the WiFi. Not only that, but you can also change the WiFi name at the same time. With this WiFi modem, you can do just that. Very cool, right?…

How to Choose a Printer with Perfect and Sharp Prints

Printer To print, the printer is capable of printing text documents to images. In order for the printout to be perfect, of course, the product that is designed is specifically designed for the printing function based on the type of document. We will help you understand the types of printers according to your needs by looking at the characteristics of each of the existing printers.

Use an inkjet printer to print pictures and photos

If your need for a printer is only limited to printing photos with good quality, choose an inkjet type printer. Inkjet printers are smaller in size so you don’t have to provide a lot of space to place them.

Inkjet printers can print photos and images with smooth quality and sharp color results. The price of this type of printer is also cheaper. However, running costs can be high when you print a large number of images and photos. The reason is, to produce clear photos or images, more ink is needed.

Use a laser printer to print text documents faster and more

Inkjet printers can also be used to print text documents, the sharpness is even better than laser printers. However, if you print documents of up to tens or even hundreds of pages, using an inkjet printer is not appropriate.

For that, use a laser printer if you prioritize the printer for printing text documents. The way it works is similar to a copier, making this printer print very quickly. Laser printer prices are also more affordable. Although able to print in monochrome mode faster, laser printers can also be set to color mode to print images, but the results are not as good as inkjet printers.

Consider printers based on their function: single or multifunction

In addition to being divided into two types, you also need to pay attention to the main functions of the printer you want to buy. If you already know what kind of dominant need, choose one that supports those needs. For example, if you print documents more often, then choose a printer that only has a print function. Besides being cheaper, you can also maximize its main function.

However, if you don’t know the main priority for your needs for a printer, then it’s a safe step for you to choose a multifunction printer. Multifunction printers can be a more economical choice in their operational activities. The reason is, this printer can print and copy documents and send faxes.

Choose based on the type of cartridge used

Each manufacturer designs printers with different models of ink tanks (cartridges). There are at least three kinds of cartridges, namely integrated, split, and toner.

Select printer ink based on what you want to print

In addition to the type of printer and cartridge, for more optimal results, you also have to make sure the ink used is appropriate. Currently, ink is divided into three types, namely color ink, pigment ink, and hybrid ink. What are your needs like? If you print photos or images more often, choose color inks that give sharper results with a glossy effect.

Colored inks take longer to dry and fade easily when exposed to water. Meanwhile, pigment ink will be used optimally for printing documents. This type of ink does not penetrate paper easily because it has larger particles. However, pigment inks are limited in terms of color and are not suitable for printing photos and images.…

Your Laptop Overheating? Cooling Pad is the solution

Cooling PadAs equipment that works to cool the computer when the computer overheating, the fan you use must be right. Regarding power usage, thickness, to the cooling effect provided are important aspects to pay attention to. To maintain concentration, you also need to ensure the level of noise generated from the movement of the fan. Let’s explore the elements in choosing a cooling pad further in this section.

Check the thickness of the cooling pad, thinner is more comfortable

As a result of using a cooling pad, the computer’s position is slightly higher on the table. This has an impact on the position of your hands when operating the keyboard, especially when typing. It will be uncomfortable if the fan you use is thick enough.

We recommend that you choose a cooling pad that is compact with a minimum thickness level. A thin fan will provide more comfort when using the keyboard. You may be able to use an external keyboard, but this is a minus for some people. Therefore, make sure to choose a thin cooling pad.

Restore the used USB port with a cooling pad equipped with a USB port

The cooling pad needs the power to turn the fans inside. Almost all of it takes power from the computer’s USB port. This can reduce one USB port on your computer. If in operating your computer you use a mouse, plug in a flash drive, and connect other devices, it is better to look for a fan product that provides an additional USB port.

By using a cooling pad with one or two USB ports, you don’t have to go through the hassle of setting up a USB hub that would burden your wallet to buy it. The additional USB port on this cooling pad then makes its role as a USB hub for your computer.

Choose a fan whose rotation is not noisy

The rotation of the cooling pad to blow the wind causes a sound that some people think can interfere with work. If you want to maintain concentration in front of the computer even though you are using a fan, then it is an obligation to choose a cooling pad whose sound is not too noisy when operating.…

Best Bluetooth Headphones for Music Lovers

Bluetooth HeadphonesBluetooth headphones come with a wide selection of models and feature offers, ranging from waterproof, noise-canceling, to a detachable jack cable feature. In addition to looking at the features, make sure the product of your choice can be connected to your main device, whether it’s a smartphone, tablet, or gadget that has other Bluetooth features.

Let’s understand first what elements need to be considered when choosing headphones, from the standard form of communication to the main structure of the headphones themselves. After knowing these things, then you can determine which product is the most appropriate. So, first, consider the following tips for choosing Bluetooth headphones.

Avoid bluetooth headphones with SBC codec and choose AAC or AptX codec

Codec is a method of converting the sound signal sent to the device to the audio device receiving sound on Bluetooth headphones. This converting method or codec will determine the sound quality and the length of the delay. Of course, you don’t want to experience delays when playing games or watching movies, right? Therefore, avoid the SBC codec which is not very good at presenting conversion results.

Instead, you can choose Bluetooth headphones with AAC and AptX codecs. While the SBC codec can delay sound for up to a second, it is ideal for listening to music and radio. While on the other hand, AAC and AptX codecs can reduce sound delays, so that what appears in the visual can be in sync with the audio that is sent without delay. The AAC codec itself is more compatible with Apple products, and AptX for Android.

Determine the right housing and driver unit

Housing and driver unit will affect your comfort when using Bluetooth headphones. The housing on the headphones is divided into two, namely closed and open. The closed type can isolate sound very well, you can also use this type of housing outdoors without sound leakage. However, your ears will get tired quickly because the sound catches are confined in the ear.

However, if you want to listen to music or watch shows at home with minimal noise, it’s better to use Bluetooth headphones with an open-type housing. This type will not lock the sound completely. Besides being able to protect your ears from damage due to excessive use, your ears will also not sweat due to poor air circulation.

Check out the battery performance of your preferred Bluetooth headphones

When you have chosen a product, make sure it has a battery that not only has a long service time but also has a long life. In this case, a rechargeable battery may save costs, but when it is recharged too often, the battery life can be shorter.

For this reason, so that you can use the same headphones for a long time, from the start, buy a product with a replaceable battery. That way, when battery performance starts to fail, you can replace it with a new battery to restore maximum performance from your audio device.

Watch how noise-canceling works

Noise-canceling is a feature that can reduce noise pollution or in simple terms, this feature will make the sound quality not only a good bit clearer. This feature will be very useful when you use Bluetooth headphones while in transportation modes, especially trains and buses. However, even when outdoors, this feature is also useful for reducing noise from outside.

When choosing Bluetooth headphones, you need to check what level of sound suppression they have to create a noise-canceling effect. The greater the pressure, you may not be free to use it. Especially when you’re in the waiting room, so when your queue number or name is called, you won’t hear the announcement because the noise-canceling feature is too strong.

Make sure the profile on the device you want to connect is the same

A profile is very important in ensuring the sound sent by your main device is received properly by Bluetooth headphones. The profile itself refers to the components owned by your Bluetooth headphones or main device, such as gadgets, game consoles, and so on. If both products have the same profile, there will be a process of sending and receiving voice messages, and vice versa.…

Intel Core i5-12600K? What Are The Specifications Like?

Intel In the announcement of Intel’s 12th Generation or 12th Gen Alder Lake processor some time ago, it must be admitted that the Intel Core i9-12900K variant is the one that attracts the most attention. Intel introduced it with claims to be the best gaming processor in the world. Core i5 was introduced as the lowest variant of the 12th Gen Intel desktop processor family. Intel puts this product in a mid-budget or mid-range position for enthusiasts or PC builders.

Intel Core i5 still has Intel’s latest innovation, namely the 10nm fabrication called Intel 7, and adopts the LGA 1700 socket. It uses an architecture called a chipset, namely Performance Core (P-Core) and Efficiency Core (E-Core). Smart settings between Performance Core and Efficiency Core are claimed to make the performance of the latest Intel processors more responsive or faster as well as efficiency in power consumption.

Specifications and Performance Intel 12th Generation

The 12th Generation Core i5 comes in two variants which are distinguished by the “K” and “KF” appendages. The “K” version also has an integrated GPU, namely Intel UHD Graphic 770, while the “KF” version is not available.

Intel Core i5-12600K variant has 10-core consisting of 6 P-core and 4 E-core and 16-threads. This processor has a P-Core Max Turbo frequency of up to 4.9GHz and an E-Core Max Turbo up to 3.6GHz but does not feature Intel Turbo Boost Max Technology 3.0 like the Core i9 and Core i7 variants.

At normal frequency or base frequency, Core i5-12600K has a base frequency of P-core 3.7GHz and E-core 2.8GHz. There is also support for dual DDR5 and DDR4 memory channels.

This processors has a very satisfying performance. When testing the game Far Cry 6 at 118ps and Horizon Zero Dawn at 124fps.

These results can be obtained if you use the Asus ROG Maximus Z690 Hero motherboard. And in the RAM section, with Kingston Fury Beast DDR5 5200MHz (CL40-40-40) 32GB kit (2x16GB) is used. And a graphics card with Zotac Gaming GeForce RTX 3070 Twin Edge. In addition, it uses the Asus ROG Ryujin II for the cooling system.…