Printer To print, the printer is capable of printing text documents to images. In order for the printout to be perfect, of course, the product that is designed is specifically designed for the printing function based on the type of document. We will help you understand the types of printers according to your needs by looking at the characteristics of each of the existing printers.

Use an inkjet printer to print pictures and photos

If your need for a printer is only limited to printing photos with good quality, choose an inkjet type printer. Inkjet printers are smaller in size so you don’t have to provide a lot of space to place them.

Inkjet printers can print photos and images with smooth quality and sharp color results. The price of this type of printer is also cheaper. However, running costs can be high when you print a large number of images and photos. The reason is, to produce clear photos or images, more ink is needed.

Use a laser printer to print text documents faster and more

Inkjet printers can also be used to print text documents, the sharpness is even better than laser printers. However, if you print documents of up to tens or even hundreds of pages, using an inkjet printer is not appropriate.

For that, use a laser printer if you prioritize the printer for printing text documents. The way it works is similar to a copier, making this printer print very quickly. Laser printer prices are also more affordable. Although able to print in monochrome mode faster, laser printers can also be set to color mode to print images, but the results are not as good as inkjet printers.

Consider printers based on their function: single or multifunction

In addition to being divided into two types, you also need to pay attention to the main functions of the printer you want to buy. If you already know what kind of dominant need, choose one that supports those needs. For example, if you print documents more often, then choose a printer that only has a print function. Besides being cheaper, you can also maximize its main function.

However, if you don’t know the main priority for your needs for a printer, then it’s a safe step for you to choose a multifunction printer. Multifunction printers can be a more economical choice in their operational activities. The reason is, this printer can print and copy documents and send faxes.

Choose based on the type of cartridge used

Each manufacturer designs printers with different models of ink tanks (cartridges). There are at least three kinds of cartridges, namely integrated, split, and toner.

Select printer ink based on what you want to print

In addition to the type of printer and cartridge, for more optimal results, you also have to make sure the ink used is appropriate. Currently, ink is divided into three types, namely color ink, pigment ink, and hybrid ink. What are your needs like? If you print photos or images more often, choose color inks that give sharper results with a glossy effect.

Colored inks take longer to dry and fade easily when exposed to water. Meanwhile, pigment ink will be used optimally for printing documents. This type of ink does not penetrate paper easily because it has larger particles. However, pigment inks are limited in terms of color and are not suitable for printing photos and images.