What Kind of Logitech Mouse Is Good And How To Choose One?

Logitech MouseBecause of its very important function, of course, it takes the best mouse to support various computer-related activities. The following are ways that can be applied to choose a good Logitech mouse.

Mouse with cable or wireless?

If you use a desktop PC, a mouse with a cable is still comfortable to use, because a desktop PC is not practical to carry around. However, mice that still use this cable have a drawback, namely that they are prone to tangling with other cables. Therefore, most of the best Logitech mouse produced today are rarely wired.

For those of you who are concerned with mobility and often take your computer on the go, a wireless Logitech mouse is certainly the right choice. Although superior in terms of practicality, usually wireless mice use long-term batteries that must be recharged regularly.

Choose the laser or optical sensor of Logitech mouse?

One of the terms that are often found from the mouse is dpi or dots per inch which determines the level of precision of the mouse cursor. If the use of the computer is not for heavy work, you can choose a Logitech mouse with a rather low dpi. But if it’s needed for a fairly heavy job, then choose a Logitech mouse with a high dpi number.

Check the physical ergonomics of the Logitech mouse

There is one health impact caused by long-term use of the mouse, namely carpal tunnel syndrome or CTS. To avoid this, try checking the ergonomics of the physical Logitech mouse that you will choose. Moreover, if you are a worker in the multimedia field or a gamer, the physical form of this mouse must be considered.

Adjust the size of the mouse to the size of the palm, not too big or too small. Usually, the mouse has two size categories, namely full size, and travel size. If you need high mobility, you should choose a Logitech mouse that is travel size so that it is easy to carry anywhere.

Checking the Logitech mouse resistance

Mouse bodies on the market today are usually made of plastic. The thicker the plastic, the better the durability of the mouse. Not only durability, but the build quality of the mouse is also an aspect that needs attention. To provide optimal functionality, choose products that are solid and waterproof, if possible. Usually, the best Logitech mice are made of thick and strong plastic, so they will last a long time.

Is there any warranty for the product?

On the mouse packaging, there is usually a description of the estimated maximum number of mouse clicks, which is known as the lifespan of the mouse. Although uncertain, the more the number of estimated clicks, the longer the lifespan. It would be better if the warranty aspect is also considered, considering the mouse can be damaged before its lifespan runs out. Many Logitech mouse products provide a warranty of about 1 year.

Are there any additional buttons?

Some of the best Logitech mice place additional buttons on the side of the mouse. The mouse that has additional buttons is usually suitable for people who work as programmers or designers. In addition, the additional buttons on the mouse can also provide their own plus value when used to play games.

Prioritizing trusted mouse brands

How to choose the next best mouse is to choose a mouse from a trusted brand that has proven quality. Each mouse brand usually has its specialization, for example, Razer or REXUS which produces mice for games. In addition, Logitech produces mice for work. However, some Logitech mice are also made specifically for gaming.