What is MiFi? And what are its functions and uses?

MiFiMiFi or commonly called a MiFi modem is an abbreviation of my wifi or it can also be called mini wifi. If you usually see wifi with a router hanging on the wall in your office or home. This time you will find out that there is a wifi router that is portable and can be carried anywhere and is also equipped with a battery. So the system of use is the same as the use of mobile phones.

If you already know what MiFi is, you also need to know what is the function of this one object.

MiFi As a network intermediary

One of the main functions of MiFi is as a network intermediary. This MiFi can transmit internet networks to various devices such as smartphones. Laptops, tablets, or computers in large numbers are the maximum capabilities of the MiFi. So with 1 MiFi, you can use it on all your devices.

You no longer need to distinguish the internet network for your computer, tablet, or computer. And of course, you can take this product anywhere. If at some point you want to surf the internet somewhere else, you can still use your MiFi.

Checking the package status from the provider

You certainly already know that the use of MiFi also uses 1 provider card. There is MiFi which can only be used for 1 type of card provider, you are also MiFi which can accommodate any card provider. In essence, you must have the provider card so that you can use this MiFi.

That way, MiFi is also equipped with a function that can see the status of the provider card data package that we are using. In other words, this MiFi can check how much internet quota you are using and also how much is left. So you can prepare a package that can or can save if you see your usage is wasteful.

Send and receive messages

Because there is a provider card, some MiFi is also equipped with the ability to receive messages (SMS). The trick is to connect the modem to a device such as a computer or a computer first. This SMS can be in the form of a notification from the provider card. With this notification, you can find out the active period of the card you are using on the WiFi modem. Or it could be a notification of the remaining quota remaining and reminding you to reload. This will certainly help you when using the MiFi.

Change the MiFi connection name and password

Apart from what has been mentioned, MiFi is also equipped with a function to change the WiFi name and password. Not infrequently passwords are often cracked or have been widespread. Sometimes we do not know which devices are already connected to the MiFi. One of the actions you can take is to change the password of the WiFi. Not only that, but you can also change the WiFi name at the same time. With this WiFi modem, you can do just that. Very cool, right?…