How to Choose a Quality Portable Scanner that Meets Needs?

Portable ScannerIndeed, there is no specific definition for a portable scanner, easily portable scanners are scanners that can be moved anywhere. But at least there are currently two types of portable scanners. There is a portable scanner to scan documents by moving your hand over the document. There are also portable scanners whose use is to insert documents between the scanners.

In addition to portable scanners, currently, there is another development of this scanner machine, namely the 3D scanner which is intended to scan 3D objects, then process them into digital files. Cool again, 3D scanners can also scan certain codes on an object without having to touch it. Of course, the price of this scanner is still quite expensive, considering the advanced features available in this 3D scanner.

Portable scanners on the market have similar functions to each other. The difference is usually in the maximum resolution, scanning speed, scanner size, and the size of the object that can be scanned. To make it easier for you to choose a portable scanner product, pay attention to the following points.

Adjust portable scanner to the habit

For people who rarely carry a computer, you should choose a portable scanner that is equipped with a microSD card. Some scanner products require a direct connection to a computer for use and file storage, of course, a scanner without a microSD card and battery or Wi-Fi will be inconvenient if you rarely carry a computer.

Types of portable scanners that can be used directly without the need for a computer usually get power from the battery. The scanned documents will be saved directly to the MicroSD in it, so they can be transferred to other devices at a later time.

Consider the size and weight

As the name implies, portable scanners are designed to be small in size and light in weight so they are easy to carry around. The shapes themselves vary, there are portable scanners in the form of rectangles, rectangles, or other shapes. The smaller the size of the product, of course, the easier it will be to carry it to various places.

The resolution of the portable scanner result does not have to be prioritized

Portable scanners are usually used to scan documents and then convert them into OCR ( optical character recognition ) data. A scanner with a resolution of 300 dpi is sufficient for this purpose. If it is used to scan images, sometimes a larger scanner is needed that can provide better resolution, but of course, it will be less practical to carry around. So when buying a portable scanner, the resolution of the scan results does not have to be prioritized.…